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JUMPSTART CHALLENGES are not contests. There is no prize. We give you a writing prompt and you do something creative with it. We'll publish the best pieces we receive in response. Push the edges, break the rules, be surprising and unexpected. Show us how creative you are.

What to do: 

  1. Read a couple of short stories or poems at Typishly to see what we publish.
  3. You do NOT have to use the exact words in the prompt. It's meant as a creative jumpstart.
  4. You DO have to write an original poem or story using the idea in the writing prompt as the core of your piece. (Don't just drop our idea into an old existing story you already have stored on your hard drive. Write something new that uses our prompt as its driver.) 
  5. Submit ONE story - OR - ONE poem in a submission. (It's okay to write an epic, long poem if you like.)
  6. Tell us a bit about yourself. Let us know if you've been published and where. Why do you write?


Two very crowded commuter trains are delayed on side-by-side tracks. The trains are idling only 15 feet apart. In one train, a woman is reading a novel. In the other train, a man watches her read, imagining a shared future, willing her to look up at him.

(HINTS: Who is she? Who is he? What does he imagine in their shared future? Does she ever look up? What happens then? You get the idea. Good luck!)

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