$3.20 USD

1. Read a couple of poems at Typishly.com to see what we like.

2. You can submit up to 5 poems at once. It's okay to be unconventional, surprising, different. Short or long.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself. Let us know if you've been published and where. Why did you write these poems?

A few words of caution:

Half of our readers view Typishly on an iPhone, with its relatively small and narrow screen, not on a laptop. Many poets, however, send us luxuriously long lines, sometimes with words spaced apart and scattered across a wide page full of beautiful white space. Unfortunately, this artful approach does not display well on an iPhone, where unexpected, uncontrollable line breaks are a regular occurrence. If you'd like to control the way your poem is read, we advise you to use relatively short lines, left-justify all lines, and avoid the use of tabs or extra spaces between words on a line. If you simply must use long lines, just know that they are going to break when they arrive at the right side of a mobile phone screen. We can't prevent that.

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